Looking to easily refresh your space? Add new pillows!

are you really wanting a home refresh? buy a few new pillows - it’s the easiest trick around!

the same way you may change out your closet seasonally, we think a pillow swap out is the fastest, easiest way to make your home feel fresh and bright for spring & summer or cozy and inviting for fall & winter.
how do you mix and match like a pro? we believe there are no rules, maybe just some simple tips to follow. the most important thing is that you love them and they are comfortable. just like other displays, we can’t help but like pillows in threes. start with a larger square, add a smaller square or lumbar and then shift the third to a smaller lumbar or round. and do not be afraid to mix it up! stripes, florals, texture - the more the better and more personal it will appear.
are you ready to mix and match like a pro? check out our selection of pillows here and if you still want some help, come on over to the shop pr give us a call and we will gladly help!
cheers, karen

1. bring in color

add a pop of blue

if you're wanting to add blue to your neutral palette, explore these pillows. they have lots of personality but remain visually soft.

2. mix prints

floral & stripes

we love pairing florals and stripes together. this combination would be beautiful in a sitting area or bedroom.


3. eclectic charm

yellow & batik

this is a great way to add a pop of the very current yellow and batik styling to your neutral spaces.


4. keep it classic


there's no denying the lure of a completely neutral palette, but bring in texture to keep it from feeling flat & boring!

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