rabbit rabbit - happy july! here are all the things i loved after going down a deep rabbit hole last month.

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 i spent the last month trying out some new scents, laundry detergents, lip balms, sneakers, soap and nail polish to find the freshest out there, so you don't have to!  check out my top choices for feeling fresh as a daisy this month!

nothing beats a good, clean scent in the summer

fresh, clean laundry detergent and create your unique essential oil scent
  1. i try my best to use sustainable, clean products as often as possible. so, my hunt for laundry detergents has been extensive. i can't escape the need to have my clothes smell like they just came off a clothes line in provence. this clean people fresh & clean is the most amazing scent and it does a great job cleaning as well. bonus - your whole house will get a little boost of freshness, which makes doing laundry sort of pleasant.

  2. my other scent obsession has been to make my own essential oil roll-on and sprays.  i start with an organic jojoba oil because it doesn't have a scent (some people like using neem oil for it's unique scent and it supposedly keeps bugs away). then i just add in different essential oils to match different moods and needs.  for a bright summer scent - jasmine, sweet orange and a touch of neroli is my go to. for something more relaxing in the evening, i use lavender and vanilla.  it is so fun to play around with different oils and feel like you are a master perfumer.  i bought 24 refillable bottles here for $14 and plan to make some for friends.

now that you are smelling fresh as a daisy, let's match that vibe with your style

the best sneakers, sandals and bag for roaming the streets of italy
madewell short suit

i am officially a sneaker convert and find it hard to go back to wearing anything else!  i am starting to think about what i'm going to pack for a trip to italy and switzerland later this summer and these sneakers and short suit are for sure making the cut.  i will also bring a pair of sandals like these because they are also so comfortable and will look a little nicer with dresses for dinners.  and, of course, a great tote to carry all the wine, cheese and bread i will be picking up along the way!

the most beautiful scented moisturizing hand soap out there!
lip plumper, spf and balm

last things before i go… if you are like me and want to feel swept away every time you wash your hands, you need this soap.  i love it so much that i also use it as a body wash.  

and here is my lip routine - buxom plumping gloss (i promise it doesn't sting!), well people spf lip balm (no funky taste like a lot of other spf lip products) followed by summer fridays lip butter balm ( i love the vanilla, pink sugar & brown sugar).  there is not a more delicious balm out there and the colors are perfection.  

have a great july & stay fresh!